Thursday, April 5, 2012

About me and this blog

Hi!  My name is Amy.  I am married with a two year-old daughter, 24 year-old stepdaughter, 20 year-old stepson, and a new baby boy expected to join our family in July.  I also have four dogs and a cat, so needless to say a busy household.  To sum it all up, I work full time, go to school full time, and I am a full time wife and mommy. 

I am a currently working on my Masters in Library and Information Science at the University of Southern Mississippi.  I have worked in an academic library for 6 years as a Circulation Supervisor.  Although I never planned on becoming a librarian, the career field kind of found me, and I love it.  Academic libraries are fun and keep you thinking and on top of the newest technologies.  I enjoy the interaction and learning experience that comes with working with college students everyday. 

I am hoping in this blog to write about current technology being used in libraries as well as different events happening in the library I work.  Hope everyone enjoys reading!  I'll try not to bore you too much!     

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